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You have landed on this page because you have an interest in Buying & Selling Coquitlam Real Estate  in  British Columbia and more specifically in the TRI-Cities area of the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Your  TRI-Cities Real Estate choices would include Coquitlam , Port Coquitlam , Port Moody , Anmore  and Belcarra . 

Don McFadyen & Barrie Vattoy are full time Licensed BC Real Estate Agents. With over 55 years of combined experience.

The goal of this site is to provide BC Real Estate news in a Video format and to help you in your  seach for homes for sale in, Port Coquitlam ,Port Moody & Anmore  in a manner that is easy, engaging, informative and maybe even thought provoking.

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Why You Should Know About  BC Legislation!

For Those of you that have not yet scooted off to watch the  Videos or headed straight to the Coquitlam MLS section I would like share with you an outline of the BC Real Estate Industry.

In addition to public protection and organization in a large Real live  industry, I believe this model is responsible  for bringing “Added Value” to your ownership of Real Property in the Province of BC.

If you understand your environment, you are in a better position to think for yourself and in a better position to pose questions and communicate with professionals like Coquitlam Realtors and Coquitlam Lawyers. These professionals spend their working careers operating under the rules and governance of this BC Real Estate environment.

When it comes to Buying or Selling Real Estate the General Public is mostly acquainted with The Vancouver Real Estate Board and the Vancouver MLS system. The reality is the Board and the MLS system are only one part of a large  Infrastructure that provides protection and organization for the public at large.

If we follow the flow of information on the chart we can see a  Listing of a home is submitted to the board and the board places it on the Multiple Listing System (MLS) System. The property’s MLS listing is immediately sent to BC Realtors who share the information with their clients.

Coquitlam Real Estate

Buying & Selling BC Real Estate

Most buyers  will have a “Designated Agency” with their BC Realtor.  Buyers will have a “Designated agency” with their Realtor and Sellers will have a “Designated Agency” with their Listing Agent.

Most Buyers are working with Realtors, because they understand they are about to make a large purchase and they will require guidance and expertise along this  path. Buyers working with a Buyer’s Agent normally will not be paying the Buyer’s agent out of pocket as the Fee will come from the Seller’s transaction fee.

Now back to the legal stuff!

Two aspects to the organization of Real Estate in BC!

1. the organizational structure created by the statutory regulation of the industry:


2.the voluntary structure created by the variety of professional organizations that exist to fulfil objectives not addressed by government regulation.

As a note of interest

“In Canada, the constitution divides the power to make laws between the federal and the provincial governments. The provinces have sole jurisdiction to make laws concerning property and civil rights, education, municipal organization,professions and licensing, and all matters of a purely local nature. Consequently, all statutory laws relating directly to land and the licensing of real estate personnel are provincial, with each province passing legislation to effect its own regulatory purposes.”

This is why the rules and regulations of  Estate will be a little different from province to province.

Our Most Common Service Area:

As long time established Realtors in the Tri-Cities area the majority of our client base is related to Coquitlam real Estate, Port Moody Real Estate, Port Coquitlam Real Estate, Anmore Real Estate and Maple Ridge Real Estate.

If you are thinking about buying a home or selling a home in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore or  Maple Ridge we are willing to meet with you for a FREE private consultation and get your Real Estate goals off to a good start.

Real Estate has proven to be good long term investment strategy for a lot of people. If you have any questions on  Real Estate we can be reached at:

Don McFadyen can be reached at 604-728-0192
Barrie Vattoy can be reached at 604-618-8108




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